How to Find and Remove Dead Animal from Your House

At times, animals such as rats or raccoons die in on our homes and bring unpleasant situations. Terrible odor, swarms of flies and stains in places such as the ceiling indicate that a certain animal has died. The worst part is if it not alleviated, it becomes a health risk. If there is a dead animal in a home somewhere, the first thing that people will complain about is the odor. As the animal continues to decay, the odor becomes stronger and stronger.

Follow the Smell

A good indicator that there is a dead animal in your house is a smell. Following your smell can help you discover where the dead animal is. But this can be very tricky. Sniff everywhere and concentrate where it becomes stronger. It could be on walls, the floor or even the ceiling.

Check Whether There Are Insects

Black ants and flies must feed on meat and especially when a carcass is involved. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways you can find a dead animal in your home. Flies circle the dead animal, and the best thing is that they can be seen from a distance or the noises can be heard.

Check for Stains on the Ceiling

There are animals such as rats that will die in the ceiling. In this case, it's hard to follow the flies and even the smell. A roof could be leaking which leads to a stain on the ceiling. Such stains should not be ignored as leaking is not the only thing that leads to staining. It could be a dead rat or mouse or any other animal that is decaying.

Use Pets to Find a Dead Animal

Some pets are attracted by the smell, and a good example is a dog. If you are sure that your pet has a strong sense of smell, you should seek assistance. Some pets will direct you to where the smell is but this has its disadvantages. One problem with this is that the pet might be tempted to taste the meat which puts their health at risk.

Getting Rid of the Dead Animal

Once you identify the location of the dead animal, it is time to remove it from your home. Check all the possible ways that animal could have gotten there whether there is an attic space or a crawl space. When you find the animal, ensure that you have taken all the safety measures to avoid putting your health at risk. Get the carcass and put it in a bag, then to your trunk and dispose it to a legalized area.

Finding a dead animal in your house may not be as easy as you think. It takes much effort to find it considering that it could be in a hidden area such as the wall or the ceiling. There are various ways that you can find it but to ensure this does not happen again, seal any entrance points the animal could have used.

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