Do You Need Odor Detection Services?

There is nothing more frustrating than unidentified bad odors inside your house. These odors are often appear with no apparent reason and may stick to your house for quite some time. If you have done anything in your power to find the source of the odor but found nothing, it is probably time to seek for a professional help. Your house might be always clean and nice, but this odor will continue to ruin your precious moments inside of it. Let alone your personal things and your furniture, which will be totally affected by it.

There are some things you can do in order to track down the odor and eliminate it:

Smell Test

You can purchase an effective smell patch test in order to isolate the bad odor and track down the particular surface that is causing the problem. This is the easiest first step you can take towards smell recognition.

Make a List

Make a thorough checklist with all the possible sources of this awful odor. There is even a possibility that the odor may come from window screens that take out a smell from direct sunlight. So, you need to first check if you have a sunlight related odor.

The problematic area must be assessed, and you need to determine if this specific location is related to the sunlight, the HVAC equipment, and the exterior walls. Search for elevator shafts, air shafts, drains or chimneys.

Building Details

Now you need to carefully consider the building age, type and location as well as the materials that were used for the building's construction. Do not forget to also check the materials that were used in smaller, individual constructions inside the building.

In addition, be prepared to check drains, heating equipment, and plumbing. The most possible answer is these sewage odors we are all familiar with. Ask around if the previous occupants ever used chemicals inside the house.

Find out if your house was ever renovated. Keep track of when the odor is more intense. Link it with weather conditions, specific time of the day and overall temperature. If you are living in a multi-store building try searching for odors that can travel through staircases or elevators.

Fix the Problem

If you have the time and the energy to search for the root of the problem, you can simply follow these helpful guidelines in order to know where to start from. Having a continuous bad smell inside your house can drive you crazy, while make all of your guests feel extremely uncomfortable. You don't have to live this way any longer.

Alternatively, if you believe this is a task better handled by a professional, there are many agencies that can help you with that. They will do their best to identify the odor and proceed to the necessary tasks in order to completely remove it from your house. The hard job is to find what exactly is causing the smell.

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