Brighton Michigan Prices for Wildlife Control

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Brighton Wildlife Control

  • SMALL JOB: Could involve one or two service visits, one or two animals removed: $200+
  • MEDIUM JOB: Could involve 3+ service visits, several animals, and building repairs: $500+
  • BIG JOB: Lots of animals, or lots of repairs, or attic cleanup, bird or bat work, etc: $1000+

I know these prices are vague. Sorry. There's no one-size-fits-all pricing in wildlife control, because each job is so differnt. We can't just say "raccoon removal: $199". Raccoon removal could involve a single trip out to snare a sick raccoon in your yard, for a very low price. Or raccoon removal could mean that you have a mother raccoon in the attic with a litter of babies, and we have to remove the babies by hand, trap the mother, relocate them together or bring then to a rehabber, we may have to cut the ceiling or wall to access the babies, we'll need to work on the roof to trap or repair the entry holes, we'll have to do damage repairs, and maybe raccoon feces cleanup, over many service visits. We won't know the exact extent of your problem or if any building repairs are necessary until we come out to inspect your situation.

We are consistently rated the best pest control company for wild animals in Michigan. This is because we specialize in wild animals only! Our customers find that we are an excellent value for the quality of work we do and our expertise in protecting your home and property. Call us now to get a better price quote over the phone: 734-399-4479. Go back to the Brighton, MI Pest Control Wildlife page to learn more about us.