How to Remove a Wild Animal in the Chimney

Knowing that there is a wild animal in the Chimney comes as a surprise too many people since majority know that their chimneys are sealed to an extent that no creature can get access to its inner space. The noise coming from the chimney accompanied by falling of dirty things on the fire area when you start cooking is a clear sign of wildlife animal intrusion. Owing to the fact that it's vertical and there are no horizontal surfaces within a chimney, there are very few animals that can survive inside the chimney.

Identify the Entry Point of the Animal

It is hard to realize an opening on the chimney surface since no one climbs there regularly. People live with the assumption that their chimneys are okay and they have no channels. As time goes by, chimneys crack due to high temperature, accumulating ice on its surfaces and when it is hit by a high-velocity object. It is hard to realize such breaches and as a result, animals intrude. Hire a professional to examine the top and seal all the openings so that no animal gets access to your chimney.

Use Exclusion Measures to Get Rid of Them

Most of the animals that live in the chimneys don't stay there always. They come out once in a while to enjoy themselves outside. You can put an exclusion sleeve that has a hole at the end swinging downwards. When the animal gets out, it will be hard for it to return to the chimney since the entry would not be accessible. You can as well mount a chimney trap to ensure that you trap the animals and dispose them somewhere else far from your home.

Install a Chimney Cap

It is good to leave your chimney open at the top for it to remove maximum fumes from the house but the opening can make many animals to come inside your chimney. A chimney cap will prevent animals like birds from getting direct access to your chimney. Make sure that you seal any opening around the wall of the chimney so that you prevent animals like rats. When your chimney has a rough surface, rats and mice will use those surfaces to climb and get inside your chimney. Your chimney should be sealed from top to bottom and get covered with a cap.

To conclude, regular cleaning of the chimney should be done to ensure that there are no animals inside the chimney. You can hire experts who know how to clean and repair chimneys for excellent cleaning and repair to be done to your chimney. Don't assume that your chimney is okay, keep checking it regularly for any openings that could be present so that you fix them to prevent wildlife animals from entering inside. You can even add repellants that are not harmful within the chimney so that you make it a no-go zone for many of the animals that like residing in chimneys.

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