Odor Removing Bags

Wildlife infestation especially rodents and rats are viewed as disturbing and dirty creatures that can distract you from your daily activities. They can also expose you to health issues such as rabies, parasites, and diseases. In case you experience a pest infestation, the first thing you need to do is to remove them. Rats that have been poisoned due to pesticides will basically return to their den and die. This will create that foul stench that will permeate the whole house. In case you encountered this type of situation, your best option would be the odor removing bags. However, we need to know first if it really works.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Odor Removing Bags

Manufacturers of the Odor Removing Bags claimed that their products have the power to eliminate the strong nasty scent that emanates inside your house. From the smell of a dead rodent to the pungent urine of the skunk, this product can eliminate them all. In addition, it does not necessarily have to be in direct contact with the dead animal of the source of the odor to eradicate that scent. It also allegedly works even if you did not remove the carcass of the animal.

In general, the bags are too simple to use, and it can last up to 4 months. It contains no toxic chemical or fragrances that can caused negative reaction in your respiratory system. The first thing you have to do is to trace the source or the location of the odor. Place the bag within that location, and the stench will magically disappear in as little as 24 hours (if it is near the source of the odor). However, if it placed few meters away from the source, it will take days or even weeks before you notice some changes.

As opposed to just masking the odor, the Odor Removing Bags works by completely eliminating them. It will work faster if you placed several other bags in the area. Basically, this product contains non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable compounds that are negatively charged. This negative state will attracts the positively charged odor and will be absorbed by the bag. The bag will then neutralized the scent before releasing them back to the air.

Based on the product description, the Odor Removing Bags contain billions of tiny-microscopic pores that virtually extend its surface area. This also makes it possible for the product to absorb and neutralize a considerable amount of nasty odor. Since it is biodegradable and non-toxic, it is completely safe to sprinkle the compound around the cage of your pet. Your pets will not experience any negative reaction even if it ingests the substance.

The Odor Removing Bags can be the effective solution for your problems. In order to be effective, hang at least one bag in a small room and at least 2 bags in a larger space. This will make your space breathable and free from strong nasty scent until such time that the professionals will come to remove the dead body of the animal.

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