Excluding and Removing Pigeons From the Attic

Pigeons are animals that thrive in urban areas, and they are commonly creating nest in building and home structures. They are generally looking for a safe and warm space, and your attic is the perfect place for them. The smaller pigeons and their eggs need to be physically removed. For the stubborn pigeons that refused to leave your attic, your best option would be to introduce an exclusion device on the openings.

Steps in Installing Exclusion Device

The best way to get rid of the pigeon is to prevent them from accessing your attic in the first place. Your house should be virtually free from these persistent birds. It can also be the ideal solution if you have encountered a pigeon infestation in the past.

  1. Before installing the exclusion device, there is a possibility that you need to create simple structural changes to your house. For example, if the pigeon love to perch on your rooftop, you can simply modify your roof by making it slanted or sloped. This will make it hard for the pigeon to perch on the sloped surface. In most cases, when the pigeons are deprived of a proper place to perch they will most likely leave the property.
  2. You may also introduce porcupine wires on the place where the pigeons are roosting. This will prevent the pigeons from landing on your roof.
  3. Bird netting should also be installed to the overhangs, eaves and roofs. Choose a net that is made from polyurethane, high-density and UV resistant.
  4. An electrified tracking can also be installed in your ledges and roofs which can also discourage the pigeons on roosting.

Steps in the Proper Removal of Pigeons

In the event that your pigeons are already cozy and lodged into the attic, it is a great idea to call the help of a wildlife removal expert since this process requires some expertise to successfully get rid of the pigeons. In case you want to do it on your own, be sure to wear the necessary protective gears. The pigeons can carry and transfer different diseases when you come in direct contact with them.

  1. Installing a one-way exclusion device will allow you to remove the pigeons and prevent them from coming back.
  2. Determine all the point of entry and seal it completely. This will prevent any animals from gaining entry and living in your attic.
  3. After a successful removal, it is time for the proper cleaning. Pigeons can create a terrible mess in your attic. They can create a significant amount of dropping, collect materials for nesting and a large numbers of scattered feathers. There is also a possibility that a parasite is included in that mess such as ticks and mites. All of these can lead to serious health issues.
  4. Finally, you need to decontaminate your attic using a formula that is designed to clean the mess completely.

Prevention is the best thing to do if you don't want to deal with the annoying pigeon infestation. The steps above can help you get rid of them.

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