Bat Prevention: How to Keep Bats Away From Your Home

If bats find residence in your house, you might have bigger problems than just the noise and rude movements these creatures make in your home at night. Their droppings can corrode wood and metal surfaces leading to the degradation in quality of your things. When they are many, they can even break the windowpanes. The first point is to identify their presence and ensure that you act quickly because these animals multiply quickly and they can crowd in your home if you act late. Make sure that you identify the places that are invaded by bats and start making those places a no-go zone for them by using the below methods.

Leave a Light on the Places They Have Invaded

Bats are nocturnal animals, in fact, they don't see in the presence of light. When you leave a light on the areas in which they have infested, they will disappear. You can also attach a bell to make some noise because they also like quite places that are dark. Any method that can scare them away is good for their prevention. You can even keep an object and cover it with a white cloth so that they see the presence of someone when they come to the place.

Set a Box outside Your Home

Bats are animals that require enclosed places where they can stay for a while before they move away. You can create enclosed wooden boxes with a small openings where they can enter through and stay in the box. Place these boxes around the nearby trees so that the bats can come and enter inside instead of your home. It is illegal to kill bats which is why people are required to scare them or keep them away from their homes without killing them.

Repair Your House Roofs and Broken Windows

Bats get access to a home when they see an opening. It could be a broken roof, window or tunnel. Make sure that you close all these openings for you to protect your house from bats once and for all. When they can't access your house, it will be hard for them to get residence in your home. Install new window panes, increase your compound lights and ensure that you close any channels that they can use to enter your home. The garage is the most common place where these animals like to invade, make sure that you keep the lights on all night.

The bottom line is that you can make bats to stay away from your home if you have the best methods to do so. Killing them will not scare them away besides the fact that killing bats is illegal. Keeping food away does not eliminate these animals because they don't eat the food that human beings eat like the way rats and rodents do. Make sure you install a reflective surface in every bat prone areas so that you increase the light intensity and scare them away from your home.

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