Prices - How Much Does Wildlife Control Cost?

If you have a raccoon in your attic, or an opossum under your crawlspace, or a bat colony in your chimney, or a snake lurking on your property, or any other kind of wildlife infestation problems, what you need is the services of a wildlife control professional.

We are one of the most reputed wildlife control companies in the country, and we can help you effectively deal with your infestation problems. However, one major issue that does come up for many people is how much our services cost. That's why we're going to explore how the pricing of wildlife control is determined.

Wildlife Control Pricing

Just like in many other service-related fields, pricing is highly dependent on several factors. Although they may share some similarities, every wildlife control job is different. If you want an idea of how much it'll cost to resolve your specific problem, kindly call us today. We are available 24/7 to listen to your concerns. After describing your problem, we can give you an estimated price range. If you're satisfied with our estimate, we will schedule an appointment for a full inspection.

Some wildlife infestation problems are complicated, making it impossible to give an estimate over the phone. In such scenarios, you can schedule an appointment for a full inspection. The inspection helps to assess the extent of the infestation problem - this includes determining the number of entry holes, the extent of damage done, the number of wildlife to be captured, the presence of babies, and many others. Once we fully understand what's required, we can give you a specific cost.

Factors Affecting Wildlife Cost

So, you might be curious about the factors that affect wildlife costs. We're going to examine just some of them and see how they influence the price.

  • The Species of Animal

Removing a raccoon from your attic is not the same as dealing with a bat colony residing in the attic. For one, raccoons can be captured with a live trap and then relocated. On the other hand, it's illegal to trap bats, let alone relocate them. If you have a snake infestation, it can be handpicked or picked up with a tong before being relocated. The type of species will determine the approach. The more complicated the approach, the higher the cost.

  • Number of Animals

Having a lone-raccoon in your attic is different from having a raccoon with five babies. The higher the number of wild animals on your property, the higher the amount of pollution and damage. This, in turn, affects the extent of removal, cleanup, and repair work that will be required, thereby adding to the cost.

  • Number of Service Trips Required

If you have a colony with hundreds of bats residing in your attic, there's no way we can get rid of them in one day. After installing the exclusion device, we'll have to make multiple trips to monitor the progress. This adds to the overall cost.

  • The complexity of the job

Getting rid of a raccoon that's disturbing plants in your garden is far easier than removing a raccoon that's stuck within your walls. Similarly, if you have animals like squirrels, rats, or possums living in your attic, then be prepared to spend more, especially if they've been there for long. They will rip off electrical wires, insulation, and pipes. They'll also pollute the entire attic space with their droppings resulting in odor problems. As you can see, restoring your attic to its pristine condition might be complicated, and that will mean paying more.

Do you want cleanup or odor control?

The dropping and urine of wild animals pollute the entire area and also release noisome odors. If you only want us to get rid of the critter, we can do just that. But if you also want us to clean up your space and eradicate the appalling odor, then it adds to the cost.

  • Emergency Services

Nuisance animals don't take a break. So, we don't either. If you require an emergency service - like the removal of a snake from your room in the middle of the night - then you may have to pay more.

  • Risk Involved

If you have a multi-story building, and we need to do attic work, then it means ladders will be required. This increases the risk we're incurring. Generally speaking, riskier removal jobs tend to command higher prices.

This list is in no way exhaustive, but it should give you a very good grasp of the factors that influence how much wildlife removal costs.

Our Promise to You

We offer the most competitive prices in our area. But more importantly, we NEVER compromise on quality to save on cost. Over the years, we have helped tens of thousands of clients affordably and effectively deal with their wildlife infestation. Give us a call today to get an estimate!

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