Getting Rid of Bats Humanely

Some people considered bats as pest species since they have the habit to dwell into our houses. Some of the most regular complaints that we heard from other people are about the bats that live in the chimney, attic, the strong pungent smell due to their droppings, the swarm of bats and others. Aside from the noise and the stench, you may also be exposed from other health problems. Remember that the bats carry a dose of rabies and your best option is to get rid of them. However, some states in the US have existing laws that protect this species since they are essential on maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. In addition, the bats can also help in getting rid of the insects that is swarming in your yard.

There are simple steps that you need to accomplish to successfully drive the bats out of your home and prevent them from returning.

Familiarizing Yourself

We are not just encouraging you to familiarize yourself with the local laws that are prohibiting you from harming this creature. You should also familiarize yourself to the different types of bats. Try to learn the common types of bats in your local areas which will narrow your choices. After determining the right type of bat, you should now proceed if this is their maternity season. In case you prevent the mother from accessing your house, their baby can die which can lead to other problems. If this is their maternity season, your best option is to wait.

Home Repairs

In case the maternity season is over, but the bats kept returning to your home, it is time for you to do some action. You need to find out how the bats are gaining access to your house. If you have a colony of bats, there is a possibility that there are multiple entries in your house. Their entry point can be as small as half an inch. It will take multiple evenings before you can completely pinpoint the openings that the bats are using. After successfully locating these openings, it is time to do some house repairs. Try to cover these openings with netting products, valve or tube that can be purchased at the hardware store.

Trapping and Exclusion

An exclusion device can be introduced in the passage ways of the bats. Contingent upon the structure of the exclusion device, it can be funnel, screens or netting device. Exclusion device is designed to allow the bats to fly freely at night but will prevent them from returning on your home. However, the proper installation of exclusion device is crucial. Trapping device for the bats has a low rate of success. In addition, the bats can easily find their way back after being released in the wild.

There are also some people that choose to use repellents, but remember that only a small percent of repellents in the market works. It also requires repetitive application. A smart creature like the bat can also adjust and adapt to your repellent quickly.

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