Keeping House Mice Away

The house mouse is known to be a troublesome creature that thrives in homes and compounds where there are favorable conditions that sustain its life. It is known to consume foods meant for humans and domestic animals thereby causing big losses in the households where they invade. They are also known to contaminate food preparation surfaces with their droppings and their dirty feet that step in many dirty surfaces. The grey and brown mice are known to be the most common house mice that invade houses. To keep them away, you can use the methods that are listed below.

Practice Excellent Sanitation Measures and Mice Proof Tips

Mice thrive in the small areas that contain food stuffs and dirtiness. Many people clean their houses in the areas where they spend most of their time, but they don't clean, where they store their foods. To ensure that you don't get mice invasion, you should clean your food stores and cover every food with a material that the mice cannot penetrate. If your house is clean but your food stores have hiding places and food for the mice, they will invade the place and multiply. Their survival in places that have food is very easy because they don't even require a lot of water to thrive.

Cover All the Loopholes that Result to Mice Invasion

Mice cannot invade a place unless they get entrance to that place. To ensure that you make your home inaccessible, cover all the holes, the tunnels, and any cracked walls so that the mice do not get entry to your home. Once you have covered all the holes, make sure that the place where you dispose food remains, and other waste is far away from your home or you can dispose in a dustbin and cover it perfectly. If you keep domestic animals, make sure that you clean their food remains thoroughly after they finish eating so that you don't attract mice in your house.

Setting Traps around Your Home

Traps capture mice and kill them so that you go, remove them and dispose them far away from your house. There are many kinds of traps that you can install depending on what seems convenient and affordable for you. Although traps kill the mice, they won't remove all mice if a large number has invaded your home. You can also use poisonous baits, but you should be careful because the poison can be eaten by other domestic animals and cause death in the house.

Every method needs to be applied perfectly for it to be effective in removing the mice. When applying poison baits, make sure that you wear protective clothes, and all your utensils should be enclosed somewhere to avoid traces of the poison from contaminating your utensils. Set the traps with foods that the mice like most, you can include grains, fruits and other materials for you to get a high number of them in the trap. When you identify their infestation early before they multiply, it will be easy for you to eliminate them.

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