How to Trap a House Mouse

The house mouse is the most common mouse in the United States. And when it is mouse season, you can expect mice running around or their droppings in various parts of your home. While mice can be cute, you don't want them to be roaming around your home. The good news is that there are several ways to trap a mouse.

Types of Mouse Traps

There are lots of mouse traps on the market, but the most effective ones are the snap traps, glue traps, and the multiple mice traps. The snap trap has been used for decades and is available in most home improvement shops across the nation. Even though it is the oldest type of mouse trap, the snap trap is effective in knocking down the population. It is also ideal for places where rodenticides are not safe for use. And the best thing about it is that it can be reused as long as contamination is not an issue.

Glue traps are non-toxic and provide fast results. And they are easy to use. However, they are ineffective in areas where there's a lot of dirt, dust or water. They also become inefficient in extreme cold or hot temperatures. Glue boards are also more effective in capturing mice than rats. Glue traps are recommended when there are more juvenile mice in the area because older mice tend to avoid sticky surfaces.

Multiple mouse traps are able to catch multiple mice. They are also called curiosity traps. This type of trap is a humane trap when used without glue boards. When the mouse enters the trap door, it can't go back out. This type of trap relies on the curiosity of the mouse. Mice tend to check out new holes they find as they explore nearby areas. And as one mouse enters the trap, other mice are likely to follow. Mice will die if left inside the trap.

How Many Traps Do I Need?

The number of traps you need at home depends on how many mice you intend to catch. It is important to catch as many mice as possible during the first couple of days of setting the traps, and not over a period of several weeks when the mice already have time to breed and multiple - A minimum of six mouse traps. And it is recommended to mix different types of mouse traps when possible.

Where to Put the Mouse Traps

It is recommended to place the mouse traps in the right location. It is ideal to put them where the mice are often seen. Determine where the mice are sleeping, and place traps a couple of feet away from that area along the baseboards or walls. You should also place traps behind furniture. If you can't catch any mice in a couple of days, then you should change the bait, type of trap, and the location of the traps.

These are the things that you need to remember if you want to catch mice at home. When all else fails, contact a professional exterminator. They are more than willing to do the dirty work of getting rid of the mice for you.

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