How to Trap an Opossum

Possums are nocturnal animals that grow to reach the size of cat. This means that they have a lot of energy and one will require a big trap that has the power to capture it and hold it. It can destroy weak traps and go away which is why people should use only the strong traps to catch it. Havahart Raccoon Trap is one of the best traps that can be used to catch possums live. Some governments do not allow the killing of these animals, so people are advised to catch them alive.

Setting the Trap to Catch the Possum

First, you will need to buy or make a strong steel cage that can accommodate the whole possum without letting it out. Its length should be at least three fits long so that it accommodates the whole opossum appropriately. To be sure you have the best trap, buy a cage that measures 30 to 40 inches. Buy a one door model trap for maximum bait protection. The one door model is also known to catch large animals without letting them go.

Place the Trap Where the Possum Visits Frequently

Possums do not move around aimlessly, you can keep the trap for months without catching it if you don't know the areas that it visits regularly. To enhance the chances of catching it, make sure that you place the trap at its den or the routes on which it follows every night. If you don't know the routes or the den, you can look at the areas where the possum causes maximum damage every night. Place the trap on the area that is susceptible to possum just before the night starts. Place a brick on top of the trap so that you make it strong enough to avoid it from being carried away by the possum.

Bait the Trap to Attract the Possums

To ensure that you make the possums come to the trap, you have to bait the trap. Baits should be selected wisely to avoid attracting other unwanted animals. You can use fruits like Apples, aniseed oil bread and marshmallows because they are liked by many other animals. Make sure that the food does not attach to the trigger plate and the bottom of the cage because this will make the trap not to close when the possum has entered the cage.

Using poison or other methods that kill the possum is not good because you must preserve nature. When you have trapped the possum in the cage, you can transport it far away from your home, 25 miles plus, to go and dispose it. Put it at the car boot while it is still in the trap. When you reach the place that you want to dispose it, open the cage door and step aside. Let it go to the forest and live there. You don't have to kill it because once you dispose it to the forest, it stays there without coming back to your home.

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