Getting Rid of Pigeons

You may believe that pigeons are interesting birds that make parks vibrant and full of life. Many people stop to feed them, and the pigeons gather around, cooing and waddling. However, as pretty as you think they may be, take a look at the mess they leave behind. Benches full of pigeon droppings or statues all dirty. Now, imagine that all these droppings end up inside your house! These droppings apart from create disgusting filth; they actually contain some harmful substances that will destroy all of your property, inside and outside.

Pigeons Do Not Leave

Because pigeons have entered the human's everyday life for some decades now, they are hardly afraid of the human presence. This is why it is very difficult to actually get rid of them. They are everywhere, on top of your car, inside your attic at every corner in the streets. If you drop some food by mistake, they will take over this area and feed from it.

Pigeon Droppings

Pigeon feces, once they found their way into your roof or anywhere else, they would attract mice and rats as well as dirty flies. In addition, its highly acidic nature will leave a permanent stain and will eat the whole surface. This is why it is very crucial to keep your car protected at all times. Pigeon feces may eat all the color of your car, costing you a lot of money in color repairs.

Anti-roosting Strips

You can put them at any place you believe pigeons may want to perch. Use them at your roof at your balcony or even in an interior space. This is the perfect tip to make all the dangerous spots, an uncomfortable place for pigeons.

Sloped Sheathing

You can find many types of sheathing, metal or even PVC. This way you will make all window porches a rather slippery surface on which pigeons cannot sit. You can also use them everywhere, from eaves to window sills.

DIY Strings

If you have a very popular roosting area, there is another very simple solution. You can tie a string from one end to another at approximately 1 inch of the spot. This way the pigeons will not be able to balance neither here nor there, and they will try to find another spot.

Stop Feeding Them

A lot of people try to scare off the pigeons, while at the same time providing a daily meal. Try to eliminate the problem by not offering them any food. As long as you keep feeding them, they will keep coming back, no matter how uncomfortable the environment is.

In addition, you can take a look in your front yard for anything it might be appealing to them. Grass seed, berries, and olive trees are perfect meals for a pigeon. Keep your yard clean and try to get rid of all the potential food the pigeons may find tasty.

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