How to Trap a Pigeon

You could be wondering the reason people keep pigeons when you just want to get rid of those in your home. There are many reasons people raise them for pets, but if you are not ready to have these beautiful and smart birds, there is a way you can get rid of them. One problem with having them everywhere in a home is that they leave their droppings everywhere and they can cause damage to the existing properties. If they have become a nuisance in your home, you can always get rid of them.

Live Traps

Live traps are a great way to get rid of pigeons especially if they just started being a nuisance in your home. Although there are many models of pigeon traps in the market today, large cages are known to be the best. They consist of a one-way entry door and should be placed where the pigeons are mostly seen. One trick that you can use to get the pigeons is leaving the cage door and putting cracked corns at its center. The birds will get used to feeding here thus it will be easy to trap them.

Use the Right Bait

There are various bait types that you can use to trap these birds that are known to be very intelligent. Due to their level of smartness, it is advisable that you use the right bait. Check the best seeds from your grocery stores that can attract the birds such as cracked corns.

How to Handle the Trapped Pigeons

Most people ask what they should do with the pigeons they trap. Although you may think of relocating them, this may not be an option in some areas. The only option could be killing them and if you have no idea how you can get someone to assist you.

Let the Birds Get Used to You

Despite how smart and intelligent these birds are, you can outdo them with food. It is interesting that they are always looking for food. Near where you will place the cage, feed them on a daily basis. Once they realize they no longer have to look for food since you are offering it, they will get used, and they will keep coming back. It's your chance to set a trap since you have already gained their trust.

There are pigeon races that are organized, and some people are in the business of selling these birds to hotels since they are a healthy delicacy. If you have no reason of keeping them around, you may consider trapping and getting rid of them. You can actually woo them, and they will definitely get used to you. Feed them on a regular basis, get a pigeon cage with a single door, use it to feed them and later trap them. Before settling on a cage for the purpose of trapping them, ensure that it is safe for them. Some will end up hurting them which is not good.

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