Raccoon Prevention

Most people agree that raccoons are cute little animals that cannot do you any harm. No matter how cute they appear to be, they can actually do a lot of harm in the interior and exterior of your house. If you corner them in order to redirect them outside, they can actually attack you and bite you. Raccoons can really transmit rabies or even parasites into your house, and they are perfectly capable of damaging your property. If you have noticed any visiting from our little friends, it is best to take some measures in order to prevent additional visits in the future.

Add Some Lighting

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that do not appreciate the natural or artificial lighting. Make sure the lights in your front yard are bright enough in order to discourage any visits. Your porch light might not be enough when it comes to persistent and hungry raccoons. Instead, it is highly advisable to install some motion-activated lights around the house perimeter. In addition, you can place a radio device near the trash cans, where it is more likely to find raccoons messing around with your garbage. Hit the volume button and let it play music and people talking all day and night long.

Raccoon Repellents

No one wants to use chemical repellents to kill baby raccoons. The goal is to discourage them from visiting your house and make them move out. There are many repellents that you can use like mothballs, ammonia, human hair or bleach. However, in cases where the mother raccoon has to hide her babies, these repellents will not do any good. For this extreme cases, there is another repellent that is actually very efficient. You can try raccoon eviction spray, which is made out of male raccoon's urine. This will alarm the mom and make her move her nest elsewhere.

The Truth about Fences

The truth is regular fences will not do you any good since raccoons can climb and dig perfectly. If you want to keep your garden untouched, then you should consider installing an electrified fence. This will not kill the raccoons, but it will definitely discourage them. You can also use some electrified wires to the places you believe your house needs it the most. Tall trees around the house might be a great way for raccoons to try and jump to your roof without using the fence at all.

Raccoons are definitely cute and likable animals who can cause you a great trouble at the same time. If you want to keep them alive while protecting your own property, these are the most efficient things you can do. Protect all of your valuables in your attic and everywhere else inside the house. At the same time, save your garden in which you put so much effort, and you want to keep it nice and clean. Your house deserves a better treatment, and the raccoons need to be to the forest where they belong.

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