How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are very common pests in the United States, and you can easily find them near your home. They are adaptable and versatile, so they can easily live anywhere. They do prefer to live in areas that have a lot of water, but they will live in the middle of cities and towns. Raccoons have mastered the art of dumpster diving and will eat anything that they can get their paws on. Getting rid of a raccoon is not an easy task, but you can do it.

1. Keep Your Yard Free from Any Raccoon Fodder

If there is no food, there is really no reason for raccoons to visit your yard. You should not be leaving any pet food outside. If you have fruit trees, make sure that you are picking the fruit just after it ripens. You should also clean up any dropped food because any rotten fruit will attract raccoons. Raccoons will also feed off of bird feeders, so you should bring them in at night. This can be a pain, but raccoons will move on after a few days of not finding any food in your yard.

2. Protect the Trash

When you are trying to get rid of raccoons, the most important part is keeping them out of your trash. There are many ways of protecting your trash, including raccoon proof garbage cans. However, you do not need these specialized garbage cans. Most times, solid metal garbage cans with bungee cords and a cinder block on top is enough to keep raccoons out. Double bagging any bags with food in them can also help keep the smell low, so the raccoon do not know there is food in the can.

3. Make the Raccoon Feel Unwelcome

A fence is a good way of keeping raccoons out of your yard. However, they are good climbers, so you will need to make it an electric fence. Most fences can be electrified using a wire that is connected to a pulsating fence charger. You will need to be careful when installing the electric fence because a shock can be painful.

4. Trap the Raccoon

In many cases, trapping the raccoon is the best option to remove the animal from your yard. However, in many areas, trapping and relocating a raccoon without a permit is illegal. When you are picking a live trap, you should find one that is 12 inches by 12 inches by 32 inches.

Raccoons will eat just about anything, so you have a good choice of bait. You should avoid cat food and tuna because you could end up catching the wrong animal. Fruits are a good option for bait. When you are relocating the raccoon, you should take it a minimum of 10 miles away from your city or town, and release it into a raccoon-friendly area. However, you should be careful when releasing the animal because they will bite if you are too close to them.

Raccoons are smart animals that can live just about anywhere. They know how to find food and will keep coming back until there is no food or water left. There are many ways of getting rid of a raccoon without killing the animal, so you should try a few different ones out if you have raccoons in your yard.

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