How to Trap a Raccoon

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Should I Use Traps?

Traps have proven efficiency; however, it's tricky to know what kind of a trap you should use and the proper way to use it. There are many different types of traps to catch raccoons which lead to different results. Some focus on leaving the creature alive, other is lethal. Other devices are set to send the raccoon away. I am going to use this article to go in depth through the different types of traps and baits

Understanding the Situation

Most of the time, a raccoon that decided to locate in your attic or basement is a female one that gave birth to young ones. A data show that is the case in 80% of the occurrences, an attic provides a safe space the creature needs to give birth and raise its babies. Removing the mom would not solve the problem as you will still have babies to deal with.

Different Types of Traps

  1. Paw-Holding Traps – Those traps, as their name suggest are used to clamp an animal's paws down and hold them. It is a small device usually used by wildlife specialists. The device's aim is to not kill the raccoon. There are, however, better alternatives to those kinds of traps
  2. Body Grip Traps - Imagine the rat trap from Tom and Jerry. This model is basically a bigger version of that, meant to trap and kill the creature. There are several variants of it, but the one that is most common is the one that has double spring-loaded conibear. The main point of the trap is set over an area which the raccoon is supposed to move through, as it springs the trap snaps down and either chokes or crushes the raccoon. Again there are better alternatives; we suggest that you don't use such kind of a device.
  3. Lives Cage Trap – This is the most commonly used trap by wildlife removal experts. You should be aware that there are many kinds of models of this version of the trap. Generally, they are a big metal cage, which's aim is to lure the animal inside through some kind of bait and trap it there. The only requirement for the trap is to be of size big enough to hold the animal inside.

Bait It In

Now that we have reviewed the traps, we need to mention that most of them will not work unless you set proper bait. Known food that raccoon eats is almost anything you could think of such as rice, sweet corn, muffins, pork, ham, pizza, steak and the list could go on for ages.

The best bait from our experience, however, are the marshmallows, it guarantees the highest percent of success rate.

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