Safest Way to Get Skunks Out From Under Your Porch or Shed

Skunk may look like an adorable creature but wait till it spray that pungent odor. The stench that the skunk release is so powerful, enough to keep the whole family awake during the night. The smell of this creature is not that easy to tolerate. The only option you have when you realized that a skunk lives under your shed or porch is to get rid of them. However, you need to know how to safely remove it without the danger of getting sprayed.

There are various methods that will help you prevent and drive away the skunk safely without getting that stinky smell. Here are some of them.

Step #1: Eliminate Their Source of Food

The first thing you will realize about a skunk infestation is not that pungent odor. You will notice that the landscape of your yard will gradually change. You will start to see some small holes in the front of your yard which is similar with the holes created by moles. The holes are basically created by the skunk to dig for the grubs. Grubs can be eliminated by using a pesticide that you can purchase at your nearby gardening store. Aside from the grubs, the skunk can also be attracted to birdseed, pet food, compost, garbage and fallen fruits especially the berries. If there is no way that you can uproot the fruit-bearing tree in your yard, there are simple things that you can do to limit their food sources. Make sure that your garbage can and compost pile is properly covered and tightly secured. By doing, you are eliminating the reason of the skunk to reside under your shed or porch.

Step #2: Eliminate Their Access to Their Dens

When the smell of the skunk becomes too strong, there is a tendency that it already has a nest under your shed. Skunks love to create burrows than live within your house. By doing a simple observation and investigation, you will successfully find the den of the skunk. You will notice loose dirt on the ground and that the scent becomes too persistent that it is preventing you to take some action. In case you want to cover the hole, we recommend you to do this at night. This will remove the possibility of trapping the skunk inside their den.

Step #3: Skunk Repellents

After removing their access to their dens, the next thing you have to do is to prevent them from returning to your property. Make sure that you will stay away from the repellants that claim that they can get rid of your skunk problems overnight. Repellants that contain Tabasco, moth balls, ammonia and predator urine are the products that work well.

Finally, we also discourage you from using live traps if you are doing this on your own. Aside from the danger of being sprayed, some skunk may also carry rabies that can expose you to more severe problems.

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