Home & Garden Squirrel Prevention Tips

Squirrels are bushy tailed small creatures that are known for their acrobatic movements. They are known for their frustrating character of nibbling nuts and gobbling birdseed as well as feasting on garden fruits like tomatoes and guavas. They can intrude any garden or house as long as there is something they like in that house or garden. If you see some of plants missing, shallow digging pots in plants beds and bite marks on your fruits, these are pure signs of squirrels being present, and if you don't take any action, more damage will continue to occur.

Fencing Your Homes or Garden

For easy prevention of the squirrel, you should fence your house compound or garden where you fear the squirrels might invade. The fence should have small openings that cannot allow them to pass through because they are known to squeeze themselves in the small spaces and gain access to whichever place they want. Although fences might appear to be effective, sometimes the big squirrels jump over the fence especially if there are big trees nearby where they can climb and jump in your home or gardens.

Repair Any Part of Your Home That They Might Use to Penetrate

Squirrels enter through the ceiling of the house especially if it is made with weak materials. They can dig holes by using their molar teeth. To be safe from their intrusion, make sure that you repair any holes, cracks or fissures that they can use to enter your house. You can as well repel them by smearing hot pepper on the things that they like eating so that they don't get the taste they are looking for. Once they realize that the fruits or things they want to eat are not pleasant, they will go away and leave your home.

Scare Them Using Dogs

Dogs might not have the opportunity to catch and kill squirrel, but even squirrels cannot dare to come close to dogs. By keeping dogs, you will make your home a no go zone for these creatures. The dogs need to be trained to chase animals otherwise it might just stay there without barking. You can as well insert pinwheels on the garden or metal pieces to add noise to the garden. Squirrels do not like noise so you can use this trick to scare them until your plants become high enough when squirrels have no interests on them.

There are so many ways to eliminate these animals from your home or garden as long as you identify their presence early. You can even remove what they like from your house and lock it somewhere so that they don't get access to it. Cover all the bare soil and make sure that you look for predators. Unlike other pests, squirrels never return to a places where they sense or experience danger because they love themselves a lot. You can combine several preventive measures so that you scare the pests away. To perfectly prevent them, you have to identify all the channels or factors that attract them and remove them.

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