How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels can be cute, little animals that run around a park, planting trees without knowing what they are doing. However, they can also be a pain, especially if they are living in your home, garden or even your car. Squirrels can easily make their way into your home and are super difficult to get rid of.

1. Seal Any Holes in Your Roof

When you think that you have squirrels, the first thing that you need to do to get rid of them is to seal their entrances and exits. There are one-way exits that will allow the squirrels to leave but will not allow them back in. Most squirrels will move on if they cannot find or make a new way into your home. You will need to keep an eye out for any new holes because squirrels will chew their way into a house, especially if their young is there.

2. Trapping

Trapping squirrels is not an easy task, but it is one of the more effective ways of moving whole colonies of squirrels. These traps should be placed both inside and outside of the home. Live traps are recommended and can be easily found at most hardware stores. Be careful when releasing the squirrels, because they may try to bite you for moving them.

3. Move Fences and Other Climbable Objects Away from Your House

Squirrels are great climbers, and they like to live off of the ground most of the time. If you are finding that squirrels are continually entering your home near the roof, they are climbing up there. You should take time to figure out what the squirrels are climbing up and remove these items.

Fences, trees, and wires can all be climbed by squirrels. So, you should remove any climbing options from your home, which could be cutting a few tree branches off a tree or lowering a part of your fence. The fewer options that they have, the harder it will be for them to enter your house.

4. Scent of Their Predators

Squirrels try to avoid living in areas that are also home to their predators. There are products on that market that have the smell of bobcat or fox urine in them. However, you can also use the real stuff. The scent of the urine will scare the squirrels away. Even the scent of house cat urine could be enough for squirrels to leave your home and yard.

If you use this method, you will need to apply the urine again after any rain or snow. Hungry squirrels will try living in your yard, especially if the scent is too faint. Many times, spreading used kitty litter near trees and flowerbeds can also help.

It can be tempting to try to poison the squirrels or use repellents, but these methods do not work most of the time. Sometimes, these methods make the problem worse because the squirrels can quickly learn to avoid traps and ignore the repellent. So, taking care of your home and making note of damage to buildings can help you find and fix the squirrel entrances before they become a problem.

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