How to Trap a Squirrel

Squirrels might seem like a cute animal in the beginning and might not even bother you, but in some occurrences, they become a problem you want to deal with. We provide wildlife removal services which are specific to such nuisances; however, we are providing you with this article to be better informed in case you have to deal with squirrels by yourself.

Should I Use a Trap?

Without previous knowledge, it might be quite hard for you to choose a proper type of trap and use it in the best way to achieve efficient results. There are many kinds of different traps used of squirrel captivity or killing. Most of them have proven to work efficiently; however informing yourself about the details is a MUST if you want to reap the same results.

Single Animal Cage Trap

If you have reviewed other wildlife problems, you have surely noticed that this type of trap is the most commonly used one by both enthusiasts and professionals. Simply explained, the trap consists of a body, usually, a metal cage whose aim is to lure the creature inside and keep it there. The idea is that once the squirrel enters the trap, it will trigger the trip pan and trap the animal inside. There is a variety of traps when it comes to this model ranging from the material it is made of. The other thing you should take into consideration is the bait which will lure the squirrel. The most important factor is that the cage size is big enough to trap the animal inside. A cage that is too small might block the trapping mechanism so that the door won't shut and the squirrel could run away in fear.

If you want to act on your own, such traps are sold in almost any hardware store within the country, where they will explain to you how to use it properly.

Body Grip Trap

These are little traps which resemble the giant rap trap. We recommend that you don't use it as there are better alternatives and it might cause inhumane pain to the squirrel. Its main idea is to lure the being to the center of it, where bait is set, at which point the trap triggers and either crushes or kills the squirrel.

Live Cage Trap

It keeps the squirrel alive. This trap is set to the only exit a squirrel house from an area. You should seal out any other possible exit and put this on the last one. This way the squirrel will be forced to take that particular exit and get in the trap. The advantage of this trap is its ability to hold multiple creatures.

Traps Are Cool, But What Bait Do I Use

When it comes to handling squirrels, baits are actually not that important. Squirrels are curious creatures and are mostly easy to trap. The most commonly used baits would be peanut butter, peanuts or oranges, in case of dehydration.

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